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ssl - Social Security law for non-government lawyers

Subject: Social Security law for non-government lawyers

Description: *What is the SSL?*
SSL is a private mail discussion list with online archives (sorry, no wiki currently) for non-government Social Security lawyers run by Decatur, Georgia, attorney Charles L. Martin, who concentrates his practice in AC and court briefs in Social
Security disability claims for other lawyers. Check out his firm's web site:

Chuck also the author of the Ombudsman Law Office Management Software,
about which more can be found at:

*Who are the members of SSL?*
While most list members are NOSSCR members, the list is my private non-profit project, and is not affiliated with NOSSCR. There is no charge for list membership, but voluntary donations are appreciated, and may be made via the "Donate" button.

*How do I join?*
To join the list requires:

1) providing your personal contact information,
2) making a promise to abide by the list rules, and
3) receiving a nomination from a current member of the list who certifies that you are a lawyer who does not work for any governmental unit that may have an interest adverse to Social Security claimants.

To request a nomination, send an email to from the address to which you want list mail to be sent. The Subject of the email should read: "Nomination request, Your name, Your city and state." The body of the email should include text only (no pictures or attachments) and include:

*Your personal information*
Your full name:

Your business address:
Your business telephone number:
Your email address:

*Your agreement to abide by the rules*
The following paragraph, without quotes:

"I certify that I am an
attorney in private practice or academia, and that I
do not work for any governmental unit that may have an interest adverse to Social Security claimants.
I certify that I will comply with the list rules set out at

both as they now exist and as they are periodically amended. I also
certify that I will not provide access to this list or its contents by
any means with any government employee, or disclose information from it
without the consent of the author. If I accept a government job, I will
notify the list administrator of that fact and will request him to
remove me from the list."

*Identify potential nominators*
Include the name of a lawyer you know to be a member of the list. If you do not know any list members, include the names of three lawyers, preferably Social Security disability lawyers, who know you and can certify that you are a lawyer.

*What happens then?*
Your request will be submitted to the list for review, and if someone knows you, and wants you on the list, they must reply to the message (assuring that your request and my submission are included, and that the reply goes to the list) certifying that YOU ARE AN ATTORNEY and do not work for the government. If you are not added to the list within a few days, that likely means that no one nominated you. Ask a list member to find the request for nomination and reply to it nominating you. Please do not ask me unless I know you well. If you do know know a list member, ask your NOSSCR Board representative to help, or use Google Scholar to find attorneys who do court work in your area. Most will be members.

*What are the list rules?*
• No anonymous posts - your name and contact information must appear
in every message you post
• Edit the Subject to describe the message
• Don't include text that is not needed in your posts
• Send "thank you" and "ditto" messages off-list
• No sharing of list or wiki content without permission of the author
• Do not advertise your product or services more than once a year
• Treat list members with respect
• No whining

*A note about AOL and its ilk*
AOL email addresses are not allowed. AOL email is just too troublesome, and causes me to waste time needlessly. There are other email providers that may be banned in the future, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Comcast, and others. Right now, gmail is the most reliable, trouble-free email provider.

*Logging in*
A link to the list home page is at the bottom of every list message. You can make changes to your list settings after you log in. To log in or get a password reminder, look for the links at the top left of the home page.

You can stop mail for vacations or any other reason by selecting "Subscriber Options" in the left sidebar and changing delivery to "No mail." Change it back to "Mail" or "Digest" when you want to re-start mail. You can read what you missed in the Archive.

*New Email address*
You can change your email address by clicking on "Your preferences" on the menu at the top right of the page. If you no longer have access to your old email account, and do not have the password to log in, please submit a new request for nomination.

For many years, I ran this list as my personal hobby, on a shoestring. But the use of very cheap hosting companies caused me to have to spend huge amounts of time maintaining the list, and three times the cheap hosting companies have either had excessive down-time or even lost list data. So I have decided to incur significant expense by obtaining a much more expensive hosting company, and hiring consultants to do the actual maintenance work for me. And to cover the higher expenses, I'm for the first time asking for voluntary donations of $20 or more per year. New list members and recent graduates should not feel pressured to donate. For that matter, no one is required to donate. But if half the list subscribers give $20 a year, it will cover all expenses and maybe buy me a beer. Here is a link where you can donate using either a credit card or a PayPal account:

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